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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hey guys,
So its that time of year again for most, Exams! Time to prepare and revise in order to get the grades you want and deserve but if your like me, revision is not easy at all! I sit down, open my books and as soon  as i get started, it seems everything else seems more interesting! I end up distracted and before i know it...its the end of the day and i haven't done anything..oops! But I have finally found a few techniques, tricks and tips that may help you as much as they did to me. Also, I'm going to throw in what you need to stay organised and make sure your information is easily accessable.

1)Find yourself a perfect place to revise,clear everything off that space and get out all of your revision stationary and books out. If there is nothing else on wherever your revising, then its much harder to get distracted! Also, by having all your stationary out where you can see it, you can take less time faffing around finding pens and colours and just get onto it! I personally cannot revise on my bed so for me, my desk is perfect. I know its not as comfy as my bed but it does its job in getting me into the working frame of mind.
Other places worth revising in: kitchen or dining room table, the bedroom or living room floor, outside in the garden (only if its sunny), an internet cafe or regular coffee shop, library or office.

2) Revision cards. Yes i know i know, you've heard it all before but they really do work! I usually make some long before the exam so i don't have to waste time rushing making them a few days before it. Honestly, these have helped me so much in remembering important information and testing myself. Grab some brightly coloured card and highlighters for the important information and test yourself or get someone else to test you. Personally, i make two piles for each module:
1) One with short snippets of information on so i can quickly go over before an exam
2) One with questions on the front and answers on the back, so i can test myself and others
Both work well and are easy to take around with you as its not carrying around a big folder full of information.Two words: Life savers.

3) Post-it notes and page markers. For revision, these are great as you can just write important things to remember and stick them around your room or even house (if your a revision fanatic). Work out what you really need to know and write post it notes with that information on, and make sure you read it or test yourself before you leave your room, turn on your laptop etc etc. Page markers are great for last minute revision as you can mark a page you need to refresh your memory about and quickly check over it.
Good places to put post-it notes: your wall, radiator, door, lightswitch, around your room, bathroom, kitchen cupboards, on the outside of your shower, on your laptop (that sticky note feature)...

4) Notes and organisation is so important when it comes to revision. I know its so boring but note making is one of the best ways to revise as long as you make your information short and easy to read.I find it so much better if i have bright paper to make posters and a neat, new notebook to do my notes in. I dont know if its the ocd in me but having a whole new notepad for a new topic makes it much easier to concentrate because im not worrying about running out of space etc. (It also helps if the notebook looks good too).

Tip: How about seperating your notebook into sections for your notes. Add page markers to mark questions, answers, formulas etc etc

5) Colour. Simple yet really effective. Coloured pens,highlighters,paper,posters, post-its,revision cards etc are so useful in letting the information sink it. It makes the information easy to see and understand if its clear and bold. Highlighters are so important when it comes to revision! Honestly, even if its just highlighting some points in your book that you dont understand or desperately need to remember, highlighting it is eye-grabbing and sticks in your mind. By colour co-ordinating your notes using keys or other ways, it makes your revision neat and much easier to understand.

6) Avoid your laptop, computer, ipod, iphone, blackberry etc AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Unless its to revise on revision websites, then log out of facebook, turn your phone off and ignore everything else. When it comes to revision..the computer is your enemy! Its so easy to just 'check' facebook, then one thing leads to another and your on tumblr, with music blaring, skype on, facebook sending you notifications, tweeting that your revising and then its too late. BBC bitesize is a good revision site to check out and my school personally has a website with useful links to revision websites. But unless your on the laptop for that...Turn it off.

7) Music. This is a win/lose situation. If your easily distracted, i recommend revising on your own, in silence. However, i personally like making notes to the beat of music so it doesn't hurt to have some on in the background, as long as its not too loud so you can't focus!

8) Lastly, Stay organised! If you stay ahead of the game, there will be no last minute panic about forgetting information or not doing enough revision! I know it seems like 'oh yeah my exam is ages away i can revise last minute' but leaving revision until last minute is such a bad idea! (Take it from someone who knows). You get to the weekend before the exam and you spend the whole time freaking out about not knowing certain parts and that everyone else has done so much more revision than you blah blah! But if you pace yourself, then there will be no last minute panic. Result! The only way you can do this though is if you are organised! Make sure you know how long you have left until your exam, when your doing important revision, when your giving yourself a break etc.

Tip: If you have a day designated for revision, write yourself a timetable. Eg) 11.30am revision 12pm break 12.30pm bbc bitesize etc. This way you pace yourself and allows you to relax without worrying about fitting it all in. Oh and if you miss out something, it doesn't matter because you wrote it! But it's really important to keep taking breaks to deal with those distractions such as facebook, so you have peace of mind that there is no notification and you can fully focus on your revision. But make sure in your break, you get out or away from your space of work. This way its easier to relax and focus when you come back.

Hope my tips helped because this is just what I do personally. I understand exams etc are different in different parts of the world but I hope these techniques are adaptable for you. If not, drop me a message! I would be happy to help.
Good luck&Happy Revising,

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  1. Amazing amazing amazing! Abbie you are a genius! I wil deffo be using some of your tips, thank you for this post! Xx

    1. No problem Debbie&Your very welcome gorgeous! xx