Iceland:Travel Toiletries and Must Have Makeup (Part II)♡

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hey everyone,

If you didn't already see part 1 then you can click here:

When i go on holiday i like to take plenty of choice when it comes to my makeup and for me, holidays are a time to experiment with brighter colours and more daring looks. However, as i plan to pamper my skin and just have a good time in Iceland, i don't want anything too heavy on my skin. This is why i purchased new products before i set off and i'm going for lighter feeling products.

Here's whats inside my makeup bag...

As i don't wear foundation, concealer is a must. These two are my favourites as they are a good size, the perfect shade for me and not full of crap. I purchased a new creme concealer (right) and stick (left) before Iceland as i desperately needed a new one.

Two lipglosses seems enough for a few days and i made sure i chose a nude and a pink lipgloss as it goes with everything. I love the taste of the Barry M lipgloss and the feel of it is super glossy. This pink calvin klein shade is also gorgeous and long lasting.

This looks much worse than it is! I promise i'm not using all of these! I decided on my floozie mini kit as i love the mini brown shades and the cream consistency means they will not crack in my suitcase. I wont be using the mascara etc that comes with it as they can be saved for another time. On the other clinique palette i love the light and dark shade, as well as the light everyday blush. For a more intense blush look, i threw in a mini posie tint by benefit just in case.

Eyeliners! My favourite liquid eyeliner by collection 2000 and two other kohls are all i need to dress up and down a look.

The only brushed i'm taking are my bobbipin blusher brush, my shadow liner brush by smashbox and my models prefer eyebrow pencil and brush
I am a lipstick whore! Honestly, i have such a vast collection of lipsticks i suprised myself! These three are so different from each other so i can have one to suit every look. If im going for a vampy look, i will use my metro city days and city nights by fran wilson. If i want an everyday, nude look then i can use my appleblossom by natural collection. Finally, if i want a bright and cheerful, girly pink lipstick then i can use my models prefer rose lipstick.
*New Mascara alert* I decided to drag myself away from my other mascara and try out a new style. I love this and as its a brown/black it looks more natural. The wand is curled and works a treat. Definately a new fav!

Thanks for reading,

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