Iceland:Travel Toiletries and Must Have Makeup (Part I)♡

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hey all,
Two more days until i set off on my trip to Iceland and although i'm excited, i feel like it has sprung upon me and i should have more time! Ahhhh!
Anyway, as the weather is very similar to England but is known to be hotter and cooler at random points, I had to cover all areas when it came to my toiletries and my makeup.

*Also, i have heard that the water there is amazing for your skin and the drinking water is pure and helps clear up spots and imperfections so i'm planning on coming back with super smooth skin! I packed beauty and makeup products that will enhance the natural wonders being done to my skin in the Blue Lagoon biothermal spa we are visiting and all the iceland water i will be in contact with.*

Let's start with my toiletries...

This suncream is amazing and the smell reminds me of summer in America. It lasts for a whole day with little topping up needed and doesn't appear greasy. Taking this with me as i'm a redhead and catch the sun even when its not hot.

Well everyone needs a deodrant so this is self explanatory. I purchased a travel size so i can take it around with me to freshen up and i know that this sure deodrant is long lasting and gives ultimate protection. Oh and smells heavenly too!

Mini toothpaste is sooo cute! I love aquafresh as it tastes super minty and leaves my breathe fresh.

Body lotion and body wash are must haves for me! I love to have something in the shower to use that i know works instead of relying on hotel products. Also body lotion will soften up my skin and give it some loving.This body wash is perfect with its creamy texture, yummy scent and diddy travel size. The burt's bees body lotion pairs with it well as it is also very creamy and leaves my skin feeling ultra smooth.

These three items are my daily skincare routine. Wash, Tone and moisturise. Liz Earle's cleanse and polish works wonders and is going to enhance the softness i recieve through the natural goodness being soaked into my skin whilst on my holiday. It also means i dont need a makeup remover as this does a great job. I needed to take a small moisturiser and this one works wonders. Considering throwing another in just incase this runs out as moisturisers are so important on holiday! Lastly, a lotion to complete my routine. I love this ones little travel size and the bottle will be useful to take away with me again.

I worked out that i will only be washing my hair once or twice whilst away so i only needed a small bottle to take. These two are in tiny bottles which is perfect. In addition to size, they needed to be nourishing so the shea shampoo will restore any lost softness to my hair.

Muslin cloth: for my cleanse and polish and they also carry less bacteria than regular flannels
Cotton Buds: for makeup imperfections
Pads: For my toner

Lipbalm! In case my lips dry out or just to keep them soft. On the plane i will take a more nourishing burt's bees lipbalm but this body shop one is perfect for use in the hotel or out and about. It's also faintly tinted too!

I am taking a roll on perfume by Clinique but i couldn't resist throwing this in too. It has an amazing floral scent and as its a tester, it won't add any extra weight.

The Elemis bag i used for my toiletries. Perfect size and shape but does faintly remind me of a lunchbox. Hmm....

Thanks for reading,

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