Iceland:What's in my suitcase?♡

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hey all,
On Thursday this week i'm heading off to Iceland for a few days with school and i'm super excited! There isn't many of us going (around 19 i think) and about 12 of those people are close friends or friends of mine and the rest i also get on with well too so it should be fun! I love reading and watching those 'what's in my suitcase?' things so i'm going to do a mini one for my trip. I plan to also do a bigger travel series for when i head off to Maritius but for now i have planned out a few mini travel posts before i embark on my trip.
So here is what's inside my suitcase :)

So proud of how little i'm taking with me

Old Bikini from John Lewis for the blue lagoon! I love this tribal print :)
Oh and a bandeau top for under sheer shirts

3 casual tops. (From top to bottom) Topshop, £15 in the sale, New Look £12 and Hollister $20

3 more dressy tops: ( From Left to right then down) Topshop, £28, Marks and Spencer £15 in the sale and Jane Norman £15 in the sale..(i'm getting good at these sales ;) )

2 pairs of jeans and i also threw in some leggings too. To the left is a £18 pair from new look and on the right is a skinny pair from American Eagle

I love the colour of this jumper and purchased it especially for flights as it is super warm. £50 from (yes you guessed it) hollister

Long grey cardigan for £15 from Sainsburies

We have to take one of these -_-

Just a towel i picked up from Mallorca. It has puppies on and they are so cute!

I'm an expert packer, putting my knickers and socks inside my trainers. I'm also wearing my army boots.
Along with these items, I'm also taking with me:
  • My Makeup bag (I will be posting its contents soon)
  • My Toiletries (Aswell, a post should be coming shortly)
  • Hairbrush
  • Plug adaptor
  • Chargers
  • Pj's
  • Leggings
  • Tank tops
  • and Army Boots

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