Monday, August 06, 2012

Hey all,
It has been AGES since i last posted! Oops...

ICELAND! yes indeed i went there! It was amazing with a capital A!
Being there with my friends was extroadinary and i loved every second of it. We were given amazing oppurtunities which were definately once in a lifetime things! Also...what a great way to end the school year!

Here is a few things we got up to:

  • Blue Lagoon biothermal spa-an amazing, hot spa where you swam in volcanic heated waters and lathered on mud masks! Highlight of the trip by far!
  • Getting drenched by Geysirs-Yes, what is a school trip without a giant explosion drenching us head to foot eh?
  • Walking up cliffs and high land-Of course taking pictures a la titanic style
  • Midnight walks-Beautiful moment right there. we took a stroll to the shore and stayed there for ages watching the sun set and taking pictures. it was one of those moments where you look around you and think 'gah i am so lucky'
  • Hot springs-which reeked of eggs due to high sulfur levels!
  • SHOPPING!-yes we went to a shopping mall and me and my friends visited topshop and mac stores. true brits at heart.
  • Photo stops-we had many places where we just stopped off and took pictures. horses,cliffs and lakes were main destinations.
  • Sing a longs in the coach-year 3000 seemed to be the main song
  • Late night get togethers and giant bundles on the beds- enough said. oh and we had story time with 50 shades of grey.
  • Visiting towns and climbing cathedrals- scary moment for a girl afraid of heights. brrr.
  • Getting drenched by waterfalls
  • Eating out in nice resteraunts
I can't really explain much of what we saw in words but i can show you pictures of some of the trip...

Starbucks to start off our trip

Chilling on the flight with my best friend

first stop: Cathedral!

The deserted town we were allowed to roam free in

mmm nutella crepe

titanic moment on the top of a cliff. it was so high my ears popped!

at the top of the cathedral...agh!

Me and isabella at the top of the cathedral

hot springs

super hot and smelling of eggs!

by the hot springs

getting close with the local icelandic horses! haha!



divide in the earth


TOPSHOP! english through and through

the colour of the water at the blue lagoon! isn't it gorgeous!

a girls dream <3

Thank you so much for reading, mwah love

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