Birthday present tips and ideas for your best friend(s)!♡

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hey everyone,
Christmas is coming which is the time of year for budgeting your money so you can buy EVERYONE on your list a present. Money is tight and your hoping and praying that you get money for xmas because you have zilch left. nada. barely nothing.
And if your like is also the time for birthdays. and LOTS of them.
In the October/November/December months i have 6 or 7 BIG birthdays (and by big i mean that all of those birthdays are best friends or close chums)
So if your in my situation or just want to find your best friend the perfect present on :)

1.Get Yo Scrapbook On...
Scrapbooks. They capture memories and are perfect to look back on when your older to remember the good ol' days. So why not make your best friend a scrapbook of YOUR favourite memories together! Nothing says 'this person loves me so much' than a book filled with photos, poems, random inside jokes, drawings etc etc.
Yeah they are cheesy but they are also so thoughtful! Plus...if you have card, a laptop and some glue and scissors then it wont cost you a penny!
Do they work as presents?
Well I recently went to a party where the girls best friend made her a scrap book and she cried. Then we cried. That's how much she loved it.
So instead of spending the £££ put some thought and creativity into their birthday and getting scrapbooking!
(Trust me they will love it...especially if its a special birthday that they would want to remember forever)

2.Joint presents
Like i said this time of year is tight and everyone has barely any money. So why not get together with your other friends and go splits?
This way you can get them something that they would really want like a camera or some makeup and it wont cost you that much!
Me and my friends went splits on my friends prezzie and we managed to get her a mac blush, nicki minaj lipstick and camera for around £10/£15 each. Result!

3.Buy throughout the year
Yes i know in April your hardly going to be thinking of a birthday present for a friend whos birthday is all the way in November but it doesn't hurt to budget and plan ahead. Organisation is key.
My best friends birthday is tomorrow and i started to collect her presents together in the summer. This is because i had money in summer so it was saving me on spending money later. And this way you can get them things on your travels too...such as a little necklace from your holiday, a top from a boutique etc

4. Sales aren't being cheap if they are going to love it
So your musing your local topshop and you see a top. it's perfect. in your friends size. PERFECT
But its in the that against the rules? is it technically bad bff behaviour?
NO! she's going to love it isn't she? It doesn't matter if its in the sale or not! Money shouldn't be the key to the best present so go ahead and do it.

5. Thought boxes
Your best friend is supposed to be someone you know inside/out. So stop being lazy and put some thought into it! Buy a box from a hobby shop or just paint an old shoebox and put cute and thoughtful items in it. Wrap each item in tissue paper, throw in some sequins and sprinkle some glitter...the perfect present!
Here's some ideas to get you started:
The Artist:

  • A sketchpad with a sketch inside.
  • pencils and pens and paints
  • a painting from a little vintage shop
  • Steal a cheeky sketch from them and frame it
The Vintage lover:
  • Jewellery from your local boutique
  • Antique pieces from vintage shops
  • 60's style mugs with mottos
The beauty guru:
  • sketchpad for their youtube/blog etc
  • Voucher for a facial/manicure/massage
  • Home made Face masks and spot creams
The animal lover:
  • a duck/elephant etc necklace
  • a calender with their favourite animals on
  • a paw print t-shirt
  • a charm bracelet with kennels on
So good luck and be creative! Another quick tip is to spend time on the card...write a fav memory or stick in a photo.Cards are my personal favourite because its all about being original and its a time for your friend to throw in as many inside jokes as possible!
Thanks for reading, Happy celebrating and i love you all
Abbi ♡

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  1. Im not sure if I will actually do any of this as I'm SO indecisive about what I want to get my best friend but this is AMAZING and It actually gave me ideas so THANK YOU THANK YOU you're amazing!!!!! <333