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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hey everyone,
In just over a month it will be CHRISTMAS! I am so excited i feel like such a little kid haha. Anyway, recently i took a trip to New York and just wanted to share a few momentos with you :)

BA lounge with my best friend :D

Free food

Arriving in NYC

I never knew buildings could make such a beautiful view

Ice Skating

Empire State

Empire State

Breathtakingly beautiful

Bare Minerals

Just before Hurricane Sandy

Statue of Liberty

Times Square

Waiting for the hurricane to hit

Macy's :D

Prom dress shopping
Singing Waiter!

Singing waitress

Afternoon tea at the plaza

Afternoon tea

The Plaza
This is the cutest thing i've ever seen

News crew

American diners are my favourite things in the world

Naked cowboy


TGI Fridays

Grand central station

Flying home :D

Thank you for reading
Abbi ♡

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