Monthly favourites: June

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hey everyone,
I would like to start of by saying how overwhelmed I am to have reached 150 suscribers and 9,572 views. When I started this whole thingymabobbyness nearly a year ago I wouldn't have dreamt that you guys would listen to my rambles and weirdness-So from the bottom of my slightly dysfunctional heart...thank you!

It's June. WHAT?! 6 months into 2013 already...which means 6 months until Christmas. ok ok I won't start that just yet. As we are nearing the end of the month and I'm in a very bloggy mood I thought I'd share with you my favourites for this month. Enjoy...

I love lush! The shops always smell delicious and their products are so beautifully presented-I'm a sucker for a shop that looks like a market so usually indulge in plenty of bath bombs and soaps whilst in there. This shower/hair gel smells absolutely delicious and is the perfect travel size! I've only just opened it and already it has made it onto my favourites-doesn't that say something? It lathers up really well in the shower and leaves my skin smelling zesty and fresh but if I'm not feeling up to a shower, I just drizzle a dash into my bath and the entire bathroom is filled with a fruity aroma. Delicious!

It's extremely annoying that we don't have a bath and body works in England-They sell such great products are even better prices! Of course whilst in New York in April I had to pick up their 5 for $5 hand sanitizer deal. I have to say this has got to be my favourite so smells exactly what it claims to smell like. It's extremely fruity and leaves my hands smelling and feeling clean. Plus, with its cute-as-a-button travel size it is very convenient and easy to take everywhere with me.A brilliant buy!
I've mentioned this product before but as England has had a spout of hot weather...this old favourite has come back out! The scent reminds me of holiday and it's lasted me for a good few months. Apply after a shower or bath after a long day in the sun and your skin is left feeling nourished and sunkissed-not sunburnt. Boots often have many deals involving this bad boy so I highly recommend the purchase of this item...especially if you're about to go on holiday.

After over a year my beloved Hollister body mist is nearly leaving me to join my other empties. With the recent hot weather (which hasn't lasted as I'm writing this with rain lashing against my window) I have been spritzing this on before I head out the door to leave a coconut scent behind wherever I go. Admittedly, Hollister sprays are more expensive than they ought to be-probably due to the whole 'OH WOW IT'S HOLLISTER' aura- but it is worth treating yourself to because this very bottle has lasted me ages!

After previously not applying blush at all, this mac sheertone blush in the shade peaches has made an impact on my makeup bag. Purchased in October in New York, this blush has lasted me a while and in recent months (especially this month) has been used more and more. It leaves a pleasant glow to my skin and adds dimension to my face. When applied with bronzer I actually look like I have some form of prominent cheekbones- Oh I wish I did! Slightly pricey but why not treat yourself? Especially if you've recently been sitting many exams!
Oh my how this album has got me through revision! The sultry tones of Imagine Dragons over the top of catchy beats have made this my favourite album of the month!

I cannot express my love for these Michael Kors flatforms! These were such a good buy and have been worn aplenty over the past few months and this very month of June. I wack these out whenever and wherever I can- with leggings, shorts, maxi name it I'VE TRIED IT. They are surprisingly comfortable and don't add too much height to me because otherwise I would be even more lanky and awkward than I already am. In their nude colour they pair well with basically anything and are definitely my favourites of the month.
 Thank you for reading, if you have any questions about where you can purchase these items and think I might be able to help, please don't hesitate to ask.
Good luck with exams for those STILL battling can do it!
Abbi x

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