Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hey everyone,

A month or so ago I had my Prom which, I have to admit I was more nervous than excited for. I had no reason to be nervous though as it was a well-organised night and everyone just had fun celebrating the 5 years gone by at my school. There were people there who would be leaving thus making prom their final goodbye (after our leavers morning and alton towers trip which were also 'leavers' celebrations) and then there was me who knew i'd be back there next term so I didn't feel quite so sad. Our school didn't help in the organising of prom, or the leavers hoodies or the yearbooks for that matter,- it was all done by a wonderful committee who worked hard to ensure that prom did not suck. Well I had more fun that I had EVER expected to and just wanted to share with you some pictures from my night because i always love reading these sorts of posts from others so maybe you might find some joy in mine? Who knows?!

The decor and venue:
After much debate (and being from a school full of picky girls who cannot make their minds up), a pearly white ended up as the colour scheme for the night.The venue looked incredible and I just really loved the sweet table and free candyfloss, popcorn and photo booth more than anything. We also had 'awards' which were voted for and selected on the night and a photographer.

My Prom dress:
I purchased this dress on a recent trip to NYC from JCPenny because the dollar is cheaper and America seemed to have far more choice of prom dresses due to them celebrating it in a much more elaborate way, it seems.
I picked this one because to be honest, every dress seemed to have huge detailing and bright colours and i was not fussed by that in the slightest. And i was correct in my preassumption that noone else would wear grey to prom.
Due to my height and laziness towards heels in general, i did wear flip flops to prom. I also just bought a flower thing from claires for about £5 because i couldnt be bothered to do my hair. Then, my cousin painted my nails, i did my own makeup and wore my pandora rings that i wear everyday and used my Ted Baker clutch purchased a while ago and I was done.

I got bored posing and have the perfect face for mugshots 
 Finally, everyone else looked so beautiful and it was just an enjoyable night with everyone. I'm going to leave you with some pictures and photo credits shall be at the end.

Photo credits:
Mainly my dad well done you and your professional camera. snaps to him
S&D photography

Thanks for reading,

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