Cambridge Haul: Last minute holiday purchases

Thursday, July 31, 2014


I am so ridiculously excited to go on holiday that I feel like a child on Christmas Eve! As the months have passed, and my holiday to Florida has appeared more of a reachable target, I have managed to spread out my purchases so I wasn't left with a mad, last-minute dash to the shops to buy everything. However, typical of myself, I still had the necessities to get and, with a week to go before me and my beautiful best friend set off for America, we decided to have one final shopping trip to Cambridge to get our last-minute essentials. Luckily for us, the sales were on as many have already been on their holiday. Unfortunately for us- there wasn't much left in the topic of bikinis so only one bikini was bought (Thank goodness I purchased one a while ago, otherwise I would have been screwed). Nevertheless, here are my final buys for my holiday, complete with location of purchase and price, so if any of you are still to depart on your travels, perhaps my buys will prompt your memory of what you may need to take with you. Enjoy!

Bowler Hat: River Island

Price: £5 

I've been after a hat for ages,simply because it seems like a sensible item to take with me to a hot, humid country. However, NO hat suits me so I decided to just bite the bullet and go for a bowler-I can wear it back in the UK, I've always wanted to try one out and for the bargain price of £5, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

 Bikini Top: Topshop
Price: £12
 Bikini bottoms: Topshop
Price: £5
It was that typical scenario where I have plenty of old bikinis (which are completely ruined from many trips to water parks) and one new bikini-but nothing else. Luckily, Topshop had a sale on bikinis but I could only find these bottoms and just had to pair it with a black, triangle top. All in all, the bikini was £17- which is perfectly fine for lounging out by the pool in. 
 Sunglasses: Topshop
 Price: £7
I absolutely love these sunglasses! It gets even better because I saw they were £14 and walked happily up to the till to pay- only to be told they were half price. Pretty much made my day (yes, unexpected reductions make me happy) and these are perfect to wear with anything, anywhere. Plus, they came with a neon pink case to keep them protected so I am a happy bunny. 

Cover up dress: H&M
 Price: £4

I only went in to H&M with Zoe because she wanted to get some clothes for the plane but there was the BIGGEST sale on! I tried this on and thought it was perfect to throw on to go to a water park in-and it was only £4!

Rings: H&M
Price: £2.99
I just wanted to grab some rings to replace my finger tip rings and these were perfect to tide me over. 

The rest of the purchases were made in Boots:
Price: £1.89
I am awful for taking my makeup off on holiday. After a long day and night of suncream, makeup and cooling mist, you would think that cleaning my face would be my number 1 priority-I just always fall asleep before I get the chance. Makeup wipes are my saviours for those evenings where I really cannot be bothered to do my entire routine so I picked these 3 in 1 wipes up from boots. They promise to cleanse, moisturise and refresh and, with 25 wipes in one packet, there are more than enough to get me through my holiday. No shame in helping your future self out.
Price: £1.29
I always take these simple travel cleansing wipes with me on the plane- they haven't failed me yet. 7 wipes is more than enough to take my makeup from the airport off and prepare my face for 10 intense hours of moisturising. Anything travel sized is just enticing to me and, I'm sure, to anyone embarking on a flight- especially if it is a long haul flight.
Price: £1.07
Price: £1.89
Pretty self explanatory here but apart from a spray on deodrant for my actual holiday, I always take a roll on with me on the plane as they are smaller and brilliant to throw in your bag for theme parks whilst you're there.
Price: £2.49
Me and Zoe bought many items to share in Florida as we will be sharing a bathroom together and, as facial wash was my task, a pump wash seemed like the best bet. This Nivea cleansing mousse has been good to my skin in the past so best to go with something tried and tested, especially when your skin is going to be gruelled in the humidity, heat, dry airplane air and chlorine. 
Price: £2.99
All I needed was a face moisturiser and this illuminating lotion, with spf 20, was on offer so decided to give it a go. I have tried a sample of this before and seemed to get on with it okay and the protecting qualities made it extremely appealing. 
Price: £4.99
I have been dying to try this spray-on moisturiser for ages and, given that I am going to need to moisturise everyday (something I am currently very bad at), what better time to try out a product which promises to make the ritual simple, yet effective? I chose cocoa aka my favourite scent but Zoe picked up the regular moisturiser, just in case this doesn't work as well as I am hoping.
Price: £4.49
Aussie are my favourite hair care products of all time as they leave my hair so ridiculously soft and smell AMAZING! I get plenty of compliments over the long last smell and gloss that their miracle moist range gives my hair, provoking me to stay loyal to that line and choose a leave in conditioner with moisturising properties. My hair is ridiculously long at the moment so tangles very easily, making a leave-in spray ideal for water parks and after the beach/pool.
Price: £1.49
Dry shampoo is a necessity for holiday but I do try and not over-use it so I just stuck to this mini version. 'Tropical' is my personal favourite and Zoe picked up 'blush' so we can mix it up. 

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