How to: Stay Busy and Keep positive doing so

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hola cholas,
I have not written a post for God knows how long and that is simply down to how hectic everything has been this year! From break ups to new beginnings to growing my hair to an unacceptable length- 2014 has definitely kept me on my toes. It feels like every blogger or youtuber or whatever out there seems to disappear and come back, beginning every post with 'I'M SORRY I WAS SO BUSY' but it is true! Life gets the better of us and managing everything can be a task and a half! To get myself back into the swing of things as I plan to return to blogging, I thought I would share with you some tips of mine to stay busy but keep on top of things, go on adventures and try new things, but not get carried away.

*This is tried and tested by me so if nothing I say relates to you or you point blank do not agree that it would work for you, that is perfectly fine! Everyone is different*

1.  List!
The alarm goes off in the morning and it is nothing like the ideal situation where I jump out of bed, bright eyed and spot free. It takes me forever to adjust to the thought of moving and I used to reach for instagram and twitter to scroll through whilst I woke up a little bit more. However, that does not get stuff done, nor does it make me feel positive about my day. The key to a great day and a successful one too, for me anyway, is to have goals. Reachable goals. Recently, I have reluctantly turned off the alarm and I have reached for my phone to create a list of what I want to achieve before I am back in that very spot. Some days it is the stupidest of tasks but some days it has saved my disorganised brain! I found that, through noting down what I NEED to get down and what I WANT to achieve has made my days far more productive and I feel so much more accomplished. Some days I am not in the mood to go for a jog so by writing my list in the morning, I know exactly what I want to do that day, making it more likely for me to succeed.
Note: Sometimes it does help to write the list the night before so you can get any vital tasks off your mind, making for better rest.

2.Multi task
We all do it, we all have a day off and spend it watching catch up tv. That was okay until you reach 6pm and you feel sluggish as hell, no school work has been done and you are stressing out. If you have an hour to yourself, watch TV but why not kill two birds with one stone and drink some water to make yourself feel better on the inside? Or read a book around a  topic you are studying for school whilst having a bath? Mixing a task with something for yourself makes everything feel much less of a chore!

3.Try something new, and don't do it alone!
Around June/July I had a change in my life and it was a change I hadn't wanted. Two of my friends, Emma and Isobel, rung me up and told me to join them that night for a jog. I HATED JOGGING. I was that kid in P.E who dry heaved all the way round the 1500 race and had the stamina of a rock. But that night I was egged on by two of the closest people in my life, who both knew my situation and had both reached out to me the whole way through it, and it was okay. One jog turned to two, which then turned to 2/3 a week. I felt fitter, happier and much healthier. I was finally motivated. Once I started seeing results, it egged me on to go on my own some times too! To start with it was a release, then it became a hobby and a new sport. It rediscovered my love for exercise following dropping dance a year ago to focus on school, and also made me realise there is more to life than working because looking after yourself has its rewards.

4. Busy yourself with your friends and change your definition of 'busy'.
I used to hate being busy. It stressed me out and I wanted it to stop. Then, once I had planned my days and felt thankful for having to be at work and school to take my mind off things, I wanted nothing more than to be busy. I gained this mindset through associating the word 'busy' with something positive. I would go to work for a 9-5 and then book to go to dinner with my friends at 5.30. I would go to school all day, run a club after school and then take a stroll to the pub with my friends later that night. Fit in a jog in between school and homework. Go out after a long day at work. It was like a reward for doing the conventional. Plus, instead of going home after spending a day at work, seeing my friends lifted my mood and gave me a chance to talk about my day, especially if it was bad, so I didn't keep anything inside. Don't see being busy as bad, see it as something worth being. I know now I would rather keep myself occupied and achieve so much instead of sitting at home and watching everyone else have fun.

Things can only get stressful if everything overlaps but keeping organised makes everything so much easier! It is as easy as making a quick note on your phone on the calender so you know what you are doing and when. For example, I know tomorrow I have work and a driving lesson, which enabled me to fit meeting my friends for a catch up around what I need to do, making my day less stressful as I know where I need to be and when.

Finally, Work towards something. You do need a break, even if you know you have one day to do what you want and recharge, work towards that day. If you are at school or work or extra activities and you feel stressed, just know it will end soon. Work out what is right for you- some people can take on more than others and that is okay! If you take up a sport and drop it, that is fine! Don't beat yourself up about knowing your limits. I'm currently working towards 2 weeks off in a few weeks, which is the ultimate goal, so have that motivator to keep you going. Above all, have fun! Nothing feels better than leading a life you've wanted to lead. Take action and the rest will just fall into place.

Abbi x

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