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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For me, possibly the most exciting thing about going on holiday is preparing my summer playlist. The charts fill up with happy, upbeat songs and there is something very therapeutic about wiping my ipod clean and starting again. Whether you are staying home, travelling within the country or going abroad, your ipod needs a little perk up when it comes to summer playlists. Here I share with you just a selection of my favourite songs right now, hoping you discover something you like yourself or just an insight into what is on my playlist for summer 2014!

1. 'Gun' by Chvrches

This is possibly one of my newest favourites with such an electric sound. I am also very much in love with the lead singer's voice because the vast contrast between her soft vocals and the heavy backing makes for such a summery, yet easy-listening, song.
Listen to Gun  

2. 'Best day of my life' by American Authors 

This is such a sunny, summery song that I have fallen hook,line and sinker in love with. I can already picture this song playing in American malls on my holiday and that is all I ever look for in a song, something that can be applied to a memory.

3. & 4. 'Holding onto heaven' and 'Let go for tonight' by Foxes 

I may or may not be very much in love with Foxes and I blame her vocals on Clarity, aka one of my all time favourite songs. Let Go for tonight is such a brilliant anthem that makes you feel all happy inside and has recently become one of my songs to get ready to.

Similarly, I am completely in love with Holding onto heaven and it's lighthearted sound. Foxes sounds effortless and also looks absolutely stunning in both music videos so I couldn't choose between the two.
5. 'Eyes' by Kaskade 
This is an old favourite of mine and is one of those big songs that never, ever gets old-As cringe as this sounds, I have a lot of memories with this song and it just reminds me of being on a beach at midnight, surrounded with new friends and just enjoying being on holiday. Every time I hear it, my mood instantly lifts and for that, It has to be on my summer playlist every year.
Listen to Eyes
6. 'Boom Clap' by Charli XCX 

A greatly anticipated movie such as The Fault in Our Stars was bound to have a great soundtrack and, admittedly this song grated on me when I first gave it a listen, but it has definitely grown on me-and then some. I'm sure I must have been in such a bad mood when I first heard this and didn't whole heartedly accept it's overly happy sound. The video is cute and cringey but whatever, embrace it.
Listen to Boom Clap
7. 'Ready 2 Go' by Martin Solveig 
Another song that has never been deleted off my ipod- and probably never will be. I can't put my finger on why I love this so much but it has such a big, arena sound that fills you with happiness. Plus, it is IDEAL for exercising to! RECOMMEND. 
Listen to Ready to go

So that is an insight into my summer playlist, hope you've enjoyed/ perhaps discovered a song that, as many would say, 'tickled your fancy'. Feel free to leave any suggestions of songs you have memories associated with/recommend for others and have a great Summer. 
Ab X 

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