What's in my bag?: Carry-on

Friday, August 08, 2014

Packing is ridiculously stressful- There is nothing I hate more about going on holiday than trying to cramp everything into your suitcase without it getting damaged. I was going to do a post on what I take with me as I love reading posts/ watching travel videos. However, as I love packing my carry-on and find those videos/posts far more helpful as, without them, I would forget half of what I need to take, I decided to do a 'What's in my bag?:  Carry-on edition'. I hope this jogs your memory of what you need to take/ inspires you to take something you haven't before and like the idea of. This is all personal preference and, although it appears alot, I do use all of this stuff on the plane/ at my destination.

Necessities/The important bit:

  • Passport
  • Travel documents
  • Any tickets you may need
  • Travel insurance

Briefly about my trip:
Every destination and length of flight tends to alter the amount of items needed, as well as the type of item needed. This bag is accustomed to my trip, so I wouldn't feel obliged to pack this sort of stuff if I was going to Lapland.
Destination: Orlando, Florida
Type of Holiday: Theme park, water park & shopping
Length of Holiday: A little over 2 weeks
Length of Flight: 9/10 hours
Who: Parents and best friend
Type of Flight: Business

Bag: £20, Country fair

I've completely given up with attempting to carry a shoulder bag on a long plane ride as a) It's so ridiculously heavy and weighs me down until I end up in a heap on the floor (not really) (well, maybe) b) Nothing feels safe and secure. This bag has many compartments and pockets to keep all my valuables secure, I can reuse it in the parks and it's not too big but big enough to carry all my crap. Perfect.

Inside my Zip-lock bag:
  • Muscle rescue neck and shoulder soothing sachets
  • Simple cleansing face wipes
  • Andrex washlets
  • Simple toner
  • Garnier Under eye roller
  • Bath and Body works hand sanitizer in Island Breeze
  • L'Occitane rose hand lotion
  • Nivea Lip butter in Vanilla and Macadamia kiss
  • Ted Baker mini perfumes x2 in XO and Second scent 
  • Barry M lipgloss: nude
  • YSL mascara
  • Clinique dramatically different moisturiser 
  • American Eagle perfume in Bohemian 

Notebook: Accessorize
My holiday diary which I purchased to keep all souvenirs in/ note down what we do as it happens. I love keeping holiday logs to look back on and I've also been writing the countdown to this trip in here. 
Winnie the pooh Pen (pretty fitting to the trip): Disney store

Miniature pencil case: Sainsburys

Inside my pencil case: BIC brite liner highlighters, gel pens, Zebra colour pens, Paper Mate and BIC regular pens, a rubber, Graphic pencil and a ruler

 A folder to keep tickets/ park maps in and a Black and red Oxford notepad for other notes

My Kindle
Filled with classics for drama and English literature next term, as well as Paper Towns by John Green as my chosen holiday read.

As well as my kindle I like to take another book for the water parks. This one fits my history course next term so thought I'd give it a go.

Magazines for the flight: We've distributed many magazines between myself, my mum and Zoe so we have plenty to read onboard. 

Osprey Jewellery holder to keep my rings in when I am on the plane. I like to turn the plane into an opportunity to moisturise and treat my skin so I have how sticky rings feel when I'm flying, making this ideal to carry with me.

Catseye travel makeup bag

Cotton pads, EOS lipbalm in watermelon, my travel toothbrush and a Sanex roll-on deodrant. 

I have to carry my powders and palettes with me so they don't crack in my suitcase- that has happened far too many times before! I have my Naked 1 and Naked basics palette, my Mac blush in peaches, my natural collection powder and Maybelline's colour tattoo in on and on bronze. My Mac cremesheen lipstick in modesty, my smashbox concealer, bare minerals eyeliner in chocolate and my eyebrow pencil by George. Plus a little clinique brush, just in case.

Regular radley mirror and my Las Vegas magnified mirror

My beloved Keycamp playing cards

Matching purse to keep my dollars in, as well as some English money for the airport

Clinique case to keep hair ties, bobby pins and scrunchies inside

John Lewis red sunglasses for the pool, My raybans and some regular sunglasses from Topshop

Strawberry scented tissues (Hate the smell of planes!), Travel sick bands and Babylips in Hydrate and Pink Punch

My Lumix camera in a case by Cath Kidston

Socks for the flight: These ones are my favourite from New Look because of their colour and pattern.

My beloved ipod nano in chrome green with my marshmallow headphones.

Have a safe journey X

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