Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lancome has always been a brand I've been intrigued by but either a) never been able to splurge out their rather high-end prices or b) never needed a product they are renowned for.  Luckily for me, as I have wanted to review this brand for a while now, Lancome were doing an offer where I was able to try a variety of items for free, so naturally, I leapt at the deal. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this brand so I was extremely interested in finding out for myself if their products actually 'work'. As a disclaimer, these opinions are my own and I have tested these products thoroughly for 2 months now to form a strong opinion on them.

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Advanced Génifique Serum 

Promises to: 
'Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves the appearance of radiance, clarity, firmness, evenness in skin tone and texture.'

How to Apply:
On a perfectly cleansed skin, apply three drops of Advanced Génifique Serum evenly across your face and neck and gently massage the formula. Follow with your recommended face cream.

As a teenager, It's clear my skin couldn't feel the full benefits of this product as it describes itself as 'youth activating', focusing on reducing the appearance of wrinkles and restoring plumpness to the skin. However, my skin did feel much softer following application, especially if left in to soak over night. Laughter lines were blurred and the application instantly made my face feel soft in texture. This product did not break me out or affect the oil balance of my skin (my skin is usually oily towards the end of summer) badly so I commend it with regards to that. The texture was described as 'incredible to the touch' and I found it cool and silky, distributing across the skin with ease. I didn't notice a massive difference due to the fact that I am yet to develop wrinkles but it was a pleasant serum to use once every week/two weeks. I personally couldn't incorporate this into my everyday routine as it didn't feel necessary. When over-used, my foundation did tend to slide when applied the next morning so I kept using it to the minimum for best results. A treat rather than a necessity. 

Price: £59 for 30ml

Lancome Star Bronzer Natural Glow

Shade: 05 Golden

This unique blend of rose oil and exceptional light-reflecting pigments ensures a comfortable and radiant, tanned make-up result. Intense, yet natural-looking, for a bronzed look that stays fresh throughout the day.

As a fair, freckly redhead, it is very difficult for me to pull off bronzer but I have to say that I am extremely impressed with this product. It isn't too intense on application but definitely helps sculpt my face, subtly giving me a flush of bronze and defining the little cheekbone I have. It has been a welcome addition to my makeup routine as my face is lifted and defined, with the bronzer staying on all day and night. Pigmented, a little goes a long way. I was also very impressed with the variety of shades available and the help the ladies provided when selecting the correct shade. Picking a golden, orange toned blush or bronzer compliments auburn hair so having many options of colour helped make the selection process easier, instead of being restricted to one or two options.

Price: £33

Lancome Absolue Night Premium Bx

Promises to:
'Specially created to deliver radiance regeneration and moisture replenishing efficacy, from the first morning, skin will look smoother, more comfortable and appear more even. Skin appears more refined and rested.'
I am going to instantly address the massive elephant with this product: the price! It claims to be inspired by science and that's all fair and well but this will not be a regular in my skin care routine at such a hefty price tag! That aside, testing this product was a delight and my skin did soak up all the benefits of this product. The smell of this product is delightfully soothing and soft, with the texture making for a non-sticky, silky experience. I expected it to be thicker as it was a night cream but it seemed to soak in before I even fell asleep (which could be a benefit as I have had too many situations where I have stuck to my pillow with thick potions and creams). My skin did feel a lot softer and smoother but I do believe I could get the same results from a cheaper alternative. 
Price: £136 for 50ml

Lancome Definicils/Cils booster Mascaras

Cils Booster XL Mascara base:
Promises to:
'For use under your usual mascara to enhance its colour and makeup result for a look that is instantly more intense, more captivating.'
I did not like this product for the plain reason that it just didn't seem to do anything. My lashes did not feel stronger or primed, instead the white creamy liquid inside the tube just felt clumpy and made me feel as if I had slathered cream onto my eyelashes. It was difficult to apply mascara following this product and it did have a weird smell to it too. On the plus side, it is suitable for sensitive eyes! Primers for mascara feel a bit unnecessary to me so I couldn't get along with this product. Good idea, just not needed. 
Price: £22

Definicils Mascara
Promises to:
'shape and define to create long, beautiful lashes. The patented brush coats each lash evenly from base to tip for perfect separation with no clumping.'
I had a love/hate relationship with this product. It was brilliant for my lower lashes but for me, as I have quite long/thick lashes and religiously use L'Oreal's volume million lashes, it didn't give me enough coverage to be worth incorporating into my makeup routine. It wasn't black enough, which is perhaps down to their definition of black being less intense than other mascara's. It did have staying power, with and without the primer, but was quite stubborn to remove. I just wasn't keen on the brush or the mascara as a whole in order to replace my beloved, volumising mascara. Plus, their other mascaras look far more impressive.
Price: £22.50

 Lancome Bi-facil eye makeup remover

'This fresh-as-water eye makeup remover offers instant, gentle cleansing. It’s effective, bi-phase formula activates when shaken and easily removes all traces of eye makeup (even waterproof), while leaving no oily residue.'
I am a massive fan of this product! It is extremely effective in removing everything from stubborn waterproof mascara to glitter-based eyeshadows, making it worthwhile. Instead of using remover wipes after a night out I feel less guilty reaching for this as the next morning, unlike previously where I would break out after wearing tons of makeup, my skin is clear. It does leave a residue on the face, despite claiming not to leave any oils, but it isn't unpleasant. I will definitely be repurchasing!
Price: £21

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