Saturday, December 20, 2014

One of my absolute favourite things about Christmas is the feeling of being a part of something so greatly celebrated, taking the time to go out and meet up with old friends and family for memorable days and nights out. As this is my last year before I am off to university, I have been filling my days off school and work with adventure, excitement and food-lots and lots of food. Here are some of my favourite days out and some ideal places to visit: with some delectable restaurants to boot.

Winter Wonderland:
The perfect Christmas destination, designated in Hyde Park. This wonderland of all things Crimbo spans across a vast space of the park, with designated areas for a theme park for thrills, Christmas markets selling trinkets and food stalls serving piping hot wurst and mulled wine. It may be expensive once you get there for certain things but, manage your money right and you can make the most out of a truly festive day. The entry is free, the rides are pricey but the ice skating and circus is reasonable so its all about the planning. I recommend visiting early in the day to beat the crowds or late at night for the hustle and bustle of bars and live music, depending on which you prefer. 
Ideal for: Everyone from couples to friends, to families 

It's all about letting your inner child out and museums are my favourite place to do so. From the British museum to the National History museum, I get to exercise my love for History and art with a day out that is not only free, but I can come and go as I please. There's something relaxing about popping into a gallery or museum and escaping from the busy streets of London, making this a perfect trip on an icy day.

Exploring London's streets and top destinations 
From Camden to Neal's Yard, back streets of London are perfect to stroll after a busy shopping day on Oxford Street. There's nothing I love more than finding new shops and lanes to explore so hopping on a train and visiting different stops on the tube, randomly picking one as you go, is a stress relief from the business of Christmas 

As much as I love the drinks available from Starbucks, Costa has really taken the biscuit with their unusual, yet delicious, selection available in their seasonal cups. Orange Hot chocolate is my absolute fave- Tastes just like a Terry's Chocolate Orange! 

I have praised this place enough in my blog post  but there is something about visiting a chocolate shop near christmas that just reminds me of the old willy wonka film I used to watch every xmas eve. Indulge in slabs of chocolate cake and fruity teas, popping in from the cold to stare at mouth-watering chocolate crafts decorating the store from floor to ceiling. 

Possibly my new favourite restaurant has got to be Bill's-From the setting with walls made of cans and drinks served in mason jars, to the delicious, succulent food served on wooden slabs and in mini buckets, it is a perfect destination for a christmas meal with work or friends. Their menus are seasonal and chop and change, making the experience lack the boring repetition of some old favourites I have simply outgrown. Not too pricey but worth the extra pound for some added extras: such as the green juice which makes me feel so much better for devouring a slab of sticky, bbq ribs. 

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