Saturday, December 20, 2014

The festive period is crammed with work do's, nights out and Xmas meals so my going out bag has got to be filled to the brim with essentials to sail through such a busy time with ease. Having previously spent years lugging around huge bags, transferring my essentials from clutch to clutch and often forgetting items along the way (often vital ones), I have got my Christmas bag this year down to a T. Here I present to you a 'what's in my bag?'- festive edition, with some hints and tips of what you can carry round with you too.

My Bag

The bag I am very frequently seen carrying around is this cross-body Michael Kors,in a tan brown shade and with gold plated detailing. The straps are long and connected with a chain to give it a bit more oomph but overall I just love the simplicity of this purchase. It is deceptively capable of fitting my necessities, which is why it is a brilliant day-to-night bag for all occasions, with the shade and style being versatile and long lasting, due to its impeccable quality.

This bag was just over $125 with tax but this style has been replaced by something very similar on their website, which you can find for yourself here

I am a massive lover of Michael Kors as I believe it is a brand of simplicity and versatily- with their items lasting for a long, long time. They do some timeless pieces and this style of bag is the first of its kind in my collection-as I often opt for an oversized clutch for a night out. Whilst searching for some of their other options, I stumbled across these beauties and I think you should check them out if...
you want something with an edge
pink would be missed
after-work events can be turned up to with ease
you need something more in your black/white wardrobe
the average black needs something extra

Inside my bag...

Upon purchasing my bag, I thought I might as well indulge in a new purse as mine rarely get changed- only when I splurge out on a good quality, versatile buy. This 'pale gold' purse fits perfectly in my bag and is easy to carry around, making a noticeable difference from the huge purchases I usually pick. My go-to cards this month are: my Nandos loyalty card (because who doesn't love the satisfaction received from being told you have collected enough chillies for a meal) and my Costa card to collect points from those delicious Christmas drinks.

Lipsticks are always found rolling around in the bottom of my bag, with MAC 'party line' a regular favourite in the fall/winter time. Easy to apply and moisturising with its creamy texture, this creamsheen lipstick is perfect for day-to-night application.

Anti-bacterial gels are my best friend, with bath and body work's Christmas scents making clean hands 10x more fun. Cheap and cheerful, with 5 for $5, there is no excuse to not carry around something to freshen up with in your bag.

I started carrying around a mini toothbrush and toothpaste when I started going 'out', and when I don't have these in my bag, I really notice its absence. There is nothing more refreshing than clean, fresh breath- besides, you never know when you are going to have to stay over somewhere or end up stranded.

A roll-on perfume is compact but perfect for smelling fresh as a daisy, with this American Eagle scent 'bohemian' being an all time favourite of mine. Easy to carry around, these take up 0 room in your bag so there's little excuse not to carry one round.

I use trains frequently- a bit too frequently but there you go. This catseye holder for my season ticket ensures I do not lose anything important and keeps it all in one place- as well as looking all patriotic and fancy.

As well as a hairband, bobby pins are found in my pockets, on the floor, in my makeup bag. THEY GET EVERYWHERE! I always just throw a few in my bag to clip back fly-aways and offer them out to friends because, lets face it, no,one ever manages to keep an entire pack of bobbypins for long.

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