Monday, January 05, 2015

This post was composed and saved in my drafts ready for publishing. I apologise for its late arrival but I am now unfortunately suffering the loss of a very important person in my life who I wrote about here. Sorry and thank you all, each day is special. 

Blogmas is well and truly over- with the scent of Costa's festive hot chocolates slowly fading away and the glitter-coated gift sets now embellished with giant red labels for clearance. For me, Christmas was time to sleep, eat and generally catch up with family members you don't usually get to spend time with. It doesn't really have the same meaning it did when Santa Claus came to town and left snowy white footprints outside my door- and that's all part of the growing up process I suppose. I was able to treat my family members like they've treated me so many times before and this year was all about them setting me up for university life- buying me bits and bobs to get me by and giving me vouchers to buy myself bedding. You truly know you've grown up when you get 20 loo rolls and a voucher for nice pillows for Christmas!

I thought I'd share my day with you because I love documenting my life- I've always been a list maker and writing things down and photographing days has always been something I've done. A little disclaimer: my intention is not to force fortune onto anyone. I am not trying to show off or brag or anything along those lines, I just love reading these posts and this is as much for me as it is for you guys, which is why I'm only going to share a select few presents that you'd actually be interested in for future review reference. I hope you all had the merriest of Christmases. 


I was after some festive polish and this kit ensured that I didn't have to look too far. Four christmassy shades which can be used separately or together- in high quality formula polishes. 

I am the biggest earl grey fan and tea is my one true love- making this pot of tea absolutely glorious and worthwhile. As well as delicious tea bags, the container is gorgeous! I will definitely be taking this to University with me. 

I love gifts like these because I get to try three new products, as well as gain a new mascara (which is useful given the quality of this mascara.) 
Mini speakers for university aka an essential I would never have bought for myself

This is my go-to scent and I cannot for the life of me afford it. Extremely grateful to get my fix. 

My heart hurts. Thank you for everything you ever taught me about compassion, unconditional love and kindness. I will love you forever and am very thankful for all the years myself and my brothers and my mum got to spend with you. You were the most remarkable woman I knew and will ever know and thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. You will always hold a very special and large place in my heart- we miss you so much but you are never forgotten. 

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