Thursday, January 29, 2015

January is the best and worst time for shopping; sales are a godsend but also drive me absolutely mad when stores still look like jumble stores weeks after the mayhem begins. I didn't go mad this year with the sales as I really didn't need to but here are some items I picked up at a discount, in the midst of the sale heaps or just products that have caught my eye. 

£5 Topshop
This is a typical Topshop cut but the floral pattern was too versatile to miss. These are also usually ridiculously overpriced for what they are but for £5, you can't go wrong.

 £5 John Lewis
If you live in the UK, you would be aware of the Monty the penguin hype so this XXL menswear shirt was needed to sleep in. The material is also so comfortable so makes for the best loungewear.

£3 Topshop
'War Paint' nailpolish aka a gorgeous coral shade that dries quickly and has instant, bold colour. I love christmas when topshop reduce all their polishes as I always get to pick up my favourite shades and some unusual additions too.

 £4 The Calender Company
I always wait to get my calenders as they reduce themselves drastically. I love dogs. I love yoga. I couldn't see why I shouldn't get this to keep up to date with birthdays, appointments and work.

£4.49 WHSmith
For my thoughts and lists, I have to get myself a hefty notebook annually in order to feel as if I am starting the new year the right way. Accessorize was disappointing so I managed to pick up this bird print from WHSmith for a ridiculously cheap price in comparison to their usual tag.

99p, 99p and 90p WHSmith
In order to motivate myself to do some revision, I picked up folders and pens and pencils from Smiths too. Here are a quick selection of the ridiculous savings.

£19.99 New Look
I needed a little pick me up so saw a few bits and bobs in New Look that were a breath of fresh air now the sales are clearing. This jumper looked so incising with the cold weather and is from their new stock so I picked it up. 

£2 Boots
These makeup wipes are usually a luxury, purchased only in moments of madness, if I need to give my skin some tlc and have to update my wipes in order to comply with a new routine, or if I know I'll be travelling. However, with a £5 no7 voucher, these were only £2- so I had to pick them up.

£3.99 and £3.99 Boots
I popped in for a new powder and these Rimmel, lasting finish products were all reduced to £3.99 on a promotion. I picked up a primer to go with it and these products are heavenly together and separately! Expect an updated foundation routine.

£17.99 New Look
New Look have some beautiful pieces in at the moment so this was another impulse buy that I absolutely adore. Navy, floaty, bohemian- everything I love.

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