Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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If you are new to my blog or old visitors and just getting a random update that I am, in-fact, alive and well and posting again then a big hello to you!

Today's post shall be a bit different as I introduce to you the world of Alphabet dating (Yes, don't worry-I too was a mixture of intrigued, grossed out and enticed all at the same time). Alphabet dating is a notion introduced to me by my better half- something I immediately dismissed as 'quite cringe', which I blame my desire to not come across as the soppy mess I actually am deep, deep down. However, when I researched and realised how simple yet creative this challenge/idea/task was, I was completely up for it!
Alphabet dating is simply working your way through each letter of the alphabet, thinking of an interesting, cheap, romantic, adventurous or different date for each-moulding it to what you want to get out of it. As University has thrown me and my boyfriend apart we found this idea extremely endearing. Personally, I am looking for dates which get each of us to think (we are taking one letter each and alternating the responsibility of thinking / organising the date BUT that does not necessarily mean only one of us is paying each time) and make the most out of our time together, fuelling our loves and perhaps giving us an excuse to try something new!
So, for my own future reference and also to get the ball rolling for you if you are at all interested in Alphabet dating, I will be documenting each date here and giving some alternative ideas that I shortlisted by did not choose. Enjoy!

A- American Diner & Art Exhibition...
After a stressful week I decided to plop myself on a train to London and get this alphabet dating off to a start. As I was only there for a measly 24 hours, and we are adjusting to being students again after having Christmas break where we had jobs and could spend as we pleased, I decided to pick a cheap / free start to the world of Alphabet dating.

Art Exhibition: We started off at UCL's art gallery, where an exhibition on illustrations of the French revolution was taking place. Completely free and fun to wander around, as well as it being my boyfriend's university, I was able to see where he spent his days and also do something we both enjoyed.

We then went to visit St. Paul's cathedral, gaze at the Tate Modern & stop off for coffee / cringey photos before relocating to dinner.

American diner: A big fan of sushi and Italian food, we do often find ourselves at the same type of restaurant. There's nothing I love more than American food so we decided to visit 'Ed's Easy Diner', located just outside Covent Garden. The food was delicious, the service was fantastic and the restaurant had an authentic diner feel to it with the music, interior and hustle and bustle.

The day was a success and wasn't time consuming- which was good as I hopped on a train home at around 8. Despite feeling relatively unwell, we both enjoyed how cheap and cheerful our first Alphabet date was! Bring on B...

More date ideas for A...
Acrobatics show

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