Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hey there,

This week has been ridiculously hectic- filled to the brim with work, travelling and trips. As a massive fan of 'a week in my life' videos and posts, I thought I would document one of my more exciting weeks to give you an insight into what I get up to! Enjoy!

Monday - On Sunday night I travelled to London for the second time in just a few days as I was called to a press event at the BFI. As I knew I was going to be visiting again on Tuesday (a previously booked trip), I decided to pack a suitcase to make my stay at my boyfriend's more enjoyable.

The event was extremely exciting to be a part of- with Sir Ian McKellen present to speak of his work with Shakespeare.

After the press event I decided to have a look around London, truly enjoying taking in my surroundings and picking up a birthday present for my flatmate.

Before heading back on Monday, my boyfriend and I decided to head to Wahaca to enjoy some Mexican cuisine.

Tuesday- After returning home on Monday night, and attending my seminar on the dramatic medium, I headed back to the train station to grab my train back to London.

We fulfilled our date B of alphabet dating by watching Bend it like Beckham: the musical- highly recommend this show!

Afterwards, fancying some cocktails, we found a cocktail bar in Shaftesbury Avenue, downing two delicious drinks before heading home.

Wednesday- Whilst my boyfriend was at his lectures, I wrote an essay and did some work in preparation for my seminars (which are usually always at the end of the week). After dinner it was time to travel back one final time to attend my flatmate's birthday celebrations.

Thursday- After such a hectic week it was time to catch up on some work, notes and attend my theatre practice class. I also had an audition on Thursday, which was daunting and exciting at the same time. Later that night I found out I had progressed through to the next stage - the call back workshop! So I knew I had to work towards that...

Friday- I had to wake up early and had an extremely long day at University- I had a last lecture from one of my favourite lecturers before he retires, poetry reading and then a poetry seminar. After all this I went for a coffee with my friend to unwind and finally did some food shopping! I also began preparing for my 5 hour call back...(which I found out later I got the part!!!)

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