Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hey there,

There wasn't a massive wait for date B, with regards to Alphabet dating. This was mainly because this event had been previously booked so we decided to take advantage of that (sorry for cheating!)
Black Friday came round and gave us the Godly deals of £15 theatre tickets so, for my boyfriend's christmas present, I decided to take us to see Bend it Like Beckham the musical!

B- Bend it Like Beckham the musical

I got the train to London and, after being cooked for by my boyfriend, we headed to the theatre to see the show. The show itself was fantastic! Exactly as I imagined it to be as it was extremely close to the film- highly likely that this was down to the director. My boyfriend had only ever been to the theatre once before so it is definitely something I want to introduce to him more, especially as it is such a big part of my life and even my university degree!

We both thoroughly enjoyed the show as we loved the film and, although I was worried he would hate the amount of singing involved, they struck the right balance between being a 'musical' and filling the dialogue with comedy.

We then went for cocktails to follow the show, with me opting for a breeze cocktail to stick with the film. These were delicious and not too expensive for the amount of drink we got!

More date ideas for B...

  • Bowling
  • Bike ride
  • Baking
  • Bar crawl
  • Board games

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