Sunday, January 24, 2016

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Whilst looking through photos from summer, I realised it's been a while since I wrote a post on my travels and, as this summer I travelled a fair amount, I decided to do an update. Summer just passed marked the end of school for me (at least until I ventured off to University) so me and my friends decided to celebrate in style by packing ourselves off to Ayia Napa for a week of sun, sand and shots. It's fair to say it'll be a while before I write a travel diary on THAT week but, less than 24 hours after I landed back in England, I travelled off to Mexico for a ten day recoup, which is what I'll be delving into here.

Riu Cancun, Mexico

Revisiting Mexico at the end of school was extremely nostalgic as I had previously been to the same hotel 7 years prior- marking the start of secondary school. Comparing photos of the two times was extremely strange and it really hit home that I have well and truly grown up!

We visited Cancun, the notorious party area of Mexico and, after a week of dangerously cheap alcohol, the authentic tequila was a breath of fresh air! However, the fresh smoothies on offer were too good to pass up and I decided to give my body a well-deserved break.

The views from the hotel were absolutely mind-blowing...
Watching the sun set and sun rise every morning and night was breathtaking. Recently revamped, the hotel still failed to lose its previous charm of incredible architecture. A bonus was that, no matter where you were, you always knew how to get back by the looming structure of the building!

I found myself, after just 2 days of being there, healthy and feeling completely refreshed with thanks to the incredible food and service they had to offer. With a Japanese, Italian, Caribbean and Steak house, as well as a BBQ and buffet, to choose from, I was absolutely spoilt for choice and able to eat fresh fish to my hearts content.

We went on a few excursions as, as much as I loved the hotel, why visit somewhere if you don't actually see anything?? Firstly, we spent an evening playing drinking games on a pirate ship with a Pirates of the Caribbean flair- what more could you want?? I highly recommend giving one of those a go if you're ever in Mexico as they are extremely popular and the atmosphere is incredible. You're greeted onto the ship, included in games (where children are taken off elsewhere if alcohol is involved), fed a delicious dinner of steak and lobster, given a firework show, stand up comedy, acrobatics name it- it's on there! And then, when you think they couldn't possibly do anything more to surprise you, the ship turns into a nightclub and we had duels with other ships! Interesting experience but entirely worth it!

Grabbing a boat across to Isla Mujeres was a highlight of the trip as the island was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. We saw dolphins, zip-wired through paradise and partook in local traditions and activities. The trip as a whole was incredible but seeing Mexico in its beauty was the best part, rich in culture. I highly recommend, whatever your age, visiting as you will fail to be disappointed!

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