Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hello there,

With Valentine's day and Pancake day, February is definitely the month of love. Love for another aside, it is definitely the month to love yourself-which is why I took it upon myself to make a conscious effort to not limit myself (within reason), try new things, have as much fun as possible and just look after myself. This is where my monthly favourites comes in. This month I've had the chance to buy new things, try new things and resurrect old loves. Below I will give as much detail about each
product as I possibly can because, who knows- you could find something you like for yourself. Enjoy!

Upper Crust's Hazelnut Latte

I travelled home this reading week, only for a few days. When it came to travelling back, I had an early morning train to London, a small gap, and then a train back to Birmingham. I remember being extremely stressed because these trains are always delayed or cancelled and it was of imperative importance that I made it back before midday as I had a photoshoot and rehearsals. However, everything went to plan. Every train I got on was clean, half-empty and, more importantly, on time. I couldn't believe my luck! Strangers were also willing to help me with my suitcase as, having just been in hospital, I was evidently struggling. I was thrust into the best mood I've been in in a long time and got to Euston with time to spare before my next train. So I treated myself. I treated myself to a Hazelnut Latter which cost approximately £3.20 for a medium (and a generous medium at that). It was delicious! You know that feeling where your day is going so well and some small things just keep making it better? yeah-that! I don't often visit Upper Crust for coffee but I will definitely be doing it again! (I've already had 3 more since my trip home!)

'OHH DEER' Marble Daily Journal
Urban Outfitters

Whilst out shopping, I stumbled across this beautiful, marble journal and instantly fell in love. However, I resisted the urge to splurge £15 on a notebook at the time. Upon being paid, and in an attempt to become more organised, I went instantly online and bought this beauty! I love the fact there isn't a year on the planner so this journal will last me longer than the year and, with its well structured pages, I am able to get so much more done in my day with thanks to lists and objectives. Also, who doesn't love a bit of white marble?

MAC's Creamsheen lipstick in 'Modesty'

I purchased this a while ago in New York and, although it's been a firm favourite, I've been absolutely loving it this month. As much as I love a berry lip or a deep red, I've gravitated more towards this plum-nude shade. The finish is beyond beautiful. The colour is desirable and more than just a nude. The best part, by miles, is that this lipstick does not dry your lips out! You are left with a sheen of colour and a buttery texture which lasts for hours. for £15.50 you can't go wrong!

Adult colouring books

A big kid at heart, I have opened the trend of adult colouring books with open arms. Any excuse to relive my childhood and I'm there! This was a present from a secret santa at Christmas but it was approximately £3 - A bargain for the beautiful illustrations inside. I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland so this gift fit me perfectly and, in an effort to unwind and de-stress, I've been slowly working through this in the evenings before I rest. A good idea for anyone who struggles to just let everything go and relax.


Primark- purchased in Selfridges

I popped into Primark for a clutch as I keep holding all my belongings in my jeans on nights out- which is less than ideal! Alas, in the hustle and bustle of the chaos, I could not find anything at all! However, whilst window shopping in Selfridges, we discovered the joy of a selection of Primark's finest- all in a clean and clear setting. That is where I found this beauty. It's very boho and easy to keep a hold of on nights out, complete with a shoulder strap if you need to throw it over your shoulder. For a measly £10, you cannot go wrong!

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