Friday, April 08, 2016

ey there,
I am a massive foodie-there is nothing I love more than visiting restaurants, trying out new cuisines or just eating really. I absolutely love food which, having had bad experiences growing up as I struggled with food quite badly, is an extremely positive thing. University forced me into a situation where I was suddenly cooking for myself, having to provide my body with everything it needs without the watchful eye of any dietician or parent. Previously awful at cooking due to a lack of experience, I now know how to manage my money, provide enough meals for myself and, most exciting of all, I can now cook without burning myself! Result!

Along with many other health issues, I have Crohns disease. I'm tempted to do a separate post on that as it is an ongoing trouble for me so for now I will spare you all the details. However, I will say that it does affect what I can and can't eat. I've had to make certain swaps in order to stabilise the condition but, at the same time, it has introduced me to the world of exciting new foods. Coming back home for a month, I am currently trying to fuel my body with what it needs for revision and long days at work, so I thought I would record what I ate in a day to share with you guys, as I personally love posts like this (I guess that's the nosy side of me seeping through)!

Although I usually eat out a fair amount, I decided to document a day where I was at home for the majority of it, getting an accurate representation of what I put in my body on a homely day. Enjoy.


For breakfast... I used my ninja to make myself a smoothie to kick start my day. Blending up some strawberries and a banana, I replaced water with coconut water to make it a smoother consistency. With that, I chopped up another banana, had some strawberries and a handful of blueberries. My breakfast was quite light as I woke up fairly late and, as part of my routine, I had a cup of early grey tea, a glass of water and my iron tablets.

For Lunch

For lunch... I had a BLT sandwich from Waitrose, my absolute favourite! To go with this, I had a packet of sunbites which made me feel slightly better about having crisps. I also made my mum a malted bread roll with lettuce and turkey so thought I'd include that as it looked pretty delicious! In my tea I have soya milk which, having never been a real milk fan, I prefer entirely.

For Dinner

For dinner... I decided on a salad as I wasn't feeling entirely hungry. I grabbed a bag of lambs lettuce from Waitrose, tore apart some of their roast turkey from the deli counter (which is absolutely delicious as it was glazed with a hint of honey), threw in some pitted green olives and added capricorn goats cheese. Goats cheese is a new venture for me with my condition as it prevents flare ups and I've been so pleasantly surprised by its versatility. This particular cheese has a similar consistency to brie but tastes rather fresh and has a hint of honey to it too. I also live on olives and these green pimentos are my favourite. I usually go for stuffed olives but, as I wasn't feeling anything too heavy, I wanted to keep my dinner simple yet flavoursome. I had a glass of white wine with this and snacked on some chocolate in the evening. 

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