Friday, September 02, 2016

If you are as nosy as I am, you will find great joy out of finding out what people keep in their bags, rooms, wardrobes...even stomachs! This week (partly due to the copious amounts of delicious and delectable foods consumed) I decided to document what I ate through hope that, not only am I reminiscing on these dishes, but that someone else finds it equally as interesting. Here's hoping...


One perk of coming back home is the amount of delicious food consumed whilst catching up with old friends. This meal from Cote brasserie was no different as I caught up with a work colleague-turned close friend. Their set menu was a measly £10, with parma ham and caper coleslaw to start and this avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mustard and chargrilled chicken baguette for main. Served with a side of fries and honey mustard, we certainly got our value for money and the menu was not short of choice (which is surprising for a set menu!). We chatted for hours, consuming countless coffees and glasses of wine whilst we did so, making this a meal worth remembering.


Sushi is possibly one of my favourite foods. So much flavour and so good for you, what more could you want? After a long shift I wasn't entirely hungry for much so just had these california rolls with tuna, salmon, avocado, rice, pepper and cucumber wrapped in. Serve this with some soy sauce and wasabi and I am an extremely happy girl.


My mum has recently started out on a slimming world 'diet' (a word I am reluctant to use as slimming world is more of a lifestyle change for her), meaning she has started embarking on a personal task to complete as many delicious recipes as she can. This dish is positively my favourite- chicken, stuffed with ricotta and wrapped with parma ham, served with a greek salad. Not as aesthetically pleasing as the others but ridiculously yummy.


My family hosted a BBQ on Thursday for my aunties, uncles and boyfriend and this was the outcome- lots of my favourite foods. If anything has olives, chorizo or avocado then I am there. We had chicken, ribs, burgers and sausages alongside these sides, making the day one of my favourite food memories as it was paired with good company, nice weather and lots of beer.


After watching Finding Dory (finally!), my boyfriend and I decided to head for an Indian as that is his favourite food. We consumed prawn baltis, prawn madras, mushroom rice, poppadum and chutneys, mushroom bhaji and pilau rice. Although I am writing this extremely full, it was the perfect end to a great week for food.

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