Friday, December 16, 2016

Hello and welcome to another post from BLOGMAS!

What I love about Christmas is the build up...from the day your dad comes home and scoffs that there is 'already decorations being sold in the supermarkets and it's OCTOBER' to the day the coca cola van makes its way round to your town or city, Christmas spirit is everywhere (and complete with bows and sparkles and cheesy songs you can't help but sing along to).

I work in retail. It is possibly the best and worst place to work at Christmas time and anyone who works in retail would agree. On one hand, your colleagues are all cheery about their plans for the holidays and you can get through your shift knowing there is a turkey and cranberry sandwich at the end of it but on the other, customers are real life scrooges at Christmas. There's something so evil that comes out of the anticipation of Christmas (or pressure), that turns the nicest little lady into a woman scorned, demanding she sees your manager and failing to understand that you too are a human being with feelings. The amount of times I have been told I have no brain cells because I don't know where something on the shop floor is when they've only described that it is black and not informed me of the nature of item, with it not even being my section so my knowledge is extremely limited anyway. That little rant aside, the retail issue means that I have to do whatever I can to feel Christmassy so, before I headed back to the 6am starts, I devoted a week to having fun, doing Christmassy things and surrounding myself with the best company.

Here is a Christmassy week in my life! Enjoy!


After surprising my boyfriend in York, at his house party, we decided to get up early and go to York's 'Winter Wonderland' at the Designer Outlet. It boasted a small vintage funfair, where I thrashed him on the dodgems, and a beautifully decorated ice rink, where we went ice skating whilst the sun set. It was lovely to look around the stalls and do some Christmas shopping, drinking gingerbread hot chocolates as we did so.

Whilst my boyfriend was at work, I decided to take myself off to a coffee shop to do some Uni work, treating myself to endless hot chocolates to motivate me as I worked. I then had a stroll around the Christmas market before I picked him up and we went to the York Roast Company for a quick dinner to then go home and watch The Grinch.

 Monday was my last day in York so we tackled a lot. I love just strolling around and I jump at any excuse to get out the house so we went to a coffee shop to do some Christmas crosswords (yes we are old) and then to Côtes for a three course meal of mussels, chicken and a cheeseboard. In the evening we went for cocktails and then on a Ghost Walk, before heading back to watch the Christmas episode of Him & Her

I travelled back to Birmingham on Tuesday so, after a last look round and a trip to the Christmas shop in York, I jumped on a train home. I then spent my evening completing some Uni work and had a Christmas film night in with my house.

Wednesdays are my days off from Uni so I took a trip to Boston Tea Party with my house mates. I loved their eggs benedict and the whole feel of the place was right up my street. I have just uploaded a day in my life from this day so make sure you check out my YouTube!


After a fun weekend away, I had a lot of work to catch up on, so Thursday was spent at the library. To treat myself for staring at copious amounts of books for hours on end, I gave myself the evening off to paint my nails and eat a tonne of chorizo, binge watching Gilmore Girls.


Anyone with a job or who is a student knows that the Friday feeling is intesified towards Christmas. Birmingham hosts a beautiful and vast Christmas market so I decided to head into town, grab some mulled wine and do my Christmas shopping! I am so excited and relieved to have covered everything and can't wait to settle down with a Christmas film and wrap!

What's your favourite Christmas tradition?

Hope you enjoyed,

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