Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Hello all and welcome to everyone's favourite time of the year...BLOGMAS!

To those of you who are new to the intermawebs, Blogmas is a way to celebrate and document the lead up to Christmas with as many blog posts as one can possibly fit into their busy schedules! Christmas is my favourite time of year and, as I have been far too busy to fit in work and youtube and this, I thought it would only be fair to start the new year in the swing of blogging: bringing you favourites, present ideas and all-round festive posts to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

It only seems right to kick things off with a November favourites, highlighting products and items I have been loving last month as I attempted to get myself into the festive spirit nice and early. All the products will be linked and priced so I hope you find this post useful and enjoy it!

1. Thorntons Advent Calendar

I didn't have an advent calendar last year and I can safely say I sulked. There's something so nostalgic about having a tiny door concealing chocolate to open every morning, motivating you to jump out of bed as it is 'one day closer to Christmas'. Every morning, during the holidays, when I'm setting off to work at 4,5,6 am in the freezing cold, having a tiny bit of Christmas to start my day always puts me in a much better mood and, especially now I'm far from home, calendars hold a whole new meaning: counting down the days until I'm reunited with my loved ones.
Speaking of loved ones, my boyfriend and my best friend teamed up to buy me this, with Reece asking Joe to leave it for me to find when I got home from my seminar on the 1st December. It put the biggest smile on my face and, although I technically didn't get it in November, buying an advent calendar in November always makes me so excited for the holidays.

Chocolate Advent Calendar
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2. Ted Baker Peony Brogue Notebook

This was a gift from my best friend for my 19th birthday, following my breakup. She wrote in the front a motivating passage about this now being 'the start of something beautiful', which took a whole new meaning once I began my position on the committee of the comedy society. With Autumn term being hectic for events, meeting professional comedians, organising stand ups and directing my own sketch show, this gorgeous notebook has been by my side this past month. Having a beautiful notebook to organise everything in makes that bit of difference to your day and this gorgeous one from Ted Baker is no exception.

Lillior Brogue design notebook
Ted Baker
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3.Fashion Icon metallic lipstick by Lancôme

There's nothing more christmassy than a red lipstick but, being a redhead, a bright red hue doesn't always suit me. This deeper toned ruby is far more suited to my complexion and, with a metallic sheen which reflects the light and creates a gorgeous shimmer, I've been wearing it all November. It's extremely versatile but I love wearing it out in the evenings as, with it being smooth and long-lasting, I can tuck into copious amounts of food without worry of smudging.

Color Design
'Fashion Icon' lipstick
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4. Paperchase List book

If you're anything like me, Christmas is utter chaos if you don't make lists. This list book from Paperchase, also gifted, has been so helpful in November in organising my thoughts of stocking fillers, presents and assignments to hand in before I can finally celebrate. The three different variations of pad allows for sketches, detailed notes and to-do's, with coloured tabs useful for marking books and keeping notes of important things I need to get done. I would have been lost without it in the hectic fog of November.

Raindrops Multi List book
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5. Nail Lacquer in 'fallen angel'

One good thing about University is the ability to wear nail polish-something I've been abusing all November before I go back to work in December. This berry red is beyond beautiful and long lasting-an extremely important quality for someone with little time to re-apply every single day. Shamelessly, I've been popping this on with a glitter top coat all November (hopefully there will be a different polish in December to show you).

Pure colour Nail Lacquer
'Fallen Angel'
Estee Lauder

What are your November favourites? I hope you enjoyed the first post of Blogmas!


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