Tuesday, December 27, 2016

When it comes to kits, the Christmas sales are definitely the best time for you to pick up something of value for yourself. With value and quality often falling short when it comes to how much companies charge you for their goods, the sales are the best time to grab yourselves some bargains and restock on your face wonders for the year. However, amongst the chaos of the January sales, it's hard to focus on exactly what you're getting for your money, as you fight off bargain lovers and sale snatchers, so I try and do my shopping online- something I highly recommend. Debenhams, John Lewis and M&S are to name but a few stores who slash their prices online for your benefit, without the hassle of getting up at 5am and queuing in the cold.
Having had poor experiences in the past with kits not being what they seemed, I thought I would share with you my review of the best purchase I've made so far in the sales: girls gone WOW! by Benefit Cosmetics.

girls gone WOW! bestseller set by Benefit Cosmetics

The Packaging

One thing I must address is the packaging. I'm sorry to say it but it is possibly the ghastliest packaging I have ever seen. The collection comes in this giant tin head which my dog spent 20 minutes barking at (no exaggeration, pulling it away from her was tough). What possessed them to approve this sales pitch to then be designed and sold I will never know- perhaps it is to repel consumers from realising what a steal this product is!

Product description and Value for money
This product, according to their website, retails for £39.50, with a worth of £76+! I bought this beauty for £15 (YES I KNOW) and I loved it so much that I bought not one, but three. You'll soon see why!

WOW the crowd with full brows, long lashes, smoother-than-smooth skin & MORE! This limited-edition beauty gift set includes our bestselling lengthening mascara and our mink-brown tinted eyelash primer that takes your lashes from feathery & natural looking to dramatic & sexy.  Boost your brows with gimme brow, our volumising eyebrow gel, and add an iconic pop of colour with benetint, our sexy cheek & lip tint. 
Set includes: 
  • they’re real! mascara | 8.5 g Net wt. 0.3 oz. 
  • the POREfessional | 22.0 mL / 0.75 US fl. oz. 
  • gimme brow in 03 medium | 3.0 g Net wt. 0.1 oz. 
  • they’re real! tinted primer mini | 3.0 g Net wt. 0.1 oz. 
  • benetint mini | 4.0 mL / 0.13 US fl. oz.
The Products
Now, even for its original retail price of £39, I would still see this as a top purchase as, with mostly full sized products and a variety of their bestsellers, Benefit have not skimped on the value for money. The saying 'It's what's on the inside that counts' applies! 

Gimme Brow volumizing eyebrow gel

Retails at: £18.50

A gel containing tiny microfibres that adhere to skin and hairs to create fullness to your brows, this was a product I was so excited to try! Due to the usual cost for its size, I couldn't wait to finally get my hands on it and I can safely say that this product, although not a necessity, is extremely beneficial for those with limited hairs. My brows are rather unkept but, trialling this with my mum, we both noticed a different in definition. An absolute steal for the price! 


Retails at: £31.50

This is honestly one of the main reasons I purchased this set. A balm to apply before makeup (or after but I find it works far more effectively before), pores are instantly minimised. The application is smooth and instantly sets into the skin, sinking and blending beautifully. For £31, it is a bit steep but it definitely feels like a product of luxury.

they're real! mascara and they're real! tinted eyelash primer
Retails at: 
Mascara: £19.50
Primer: £18.50

Together and separately, these products are gorgeous. The mascara I have tried and tested and absolutely adore- lashes look longer and fuller after application and are perfect for people who want some lift to their eyelook. The tinted primer, like the brow gel, is more of a novelty product than a staple and, to be completely honest, I do not have enough time to intertwine this product into my everyday makeup routine but it does make a nice change. Enriched with provitamin B5, strengthening and softening lashes, it makes a lovely break from the heavy wear of eye makeup. A lovely pair like Patrick and Ian, can compliment together or work well separately. 

Retails at: £24.50

This, for me, is what I always think of when it comes to Benefit. However, despite the hype, I just cannot get along with tints as I hate anything red on my cheeks- subtle or not. I cannot deny its quality I just cannot get along with it.

Final Verdict:
Rush and grab this kit before it completely sells out! John Lewis are selling them cheap and you'll be completely missing out if you don't get yourselves one. A good kit for yourself or to divide up as gifts, you won't need to shop much further to completely re-vamp your makeup bag. go go GO!

Have you purchased any steals in the January sales? Have you managed to grab yourselves this kit? What do you think?


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